Sighisoara – A Medieval Tale

19 10 2011

In august 2011, AndemMotionFilms finished the presentation film for Sighisoara City. The 30 minute documentary was made for Sighisoara Municipality after 6 months of shooting and editing.

We invite you to discover Sighisoara as we see it and enjoy the film’s trailer!

The old medieval city of Sighişoara, with its small paved streets, conceals and reveals at each step sights that enchant the eye and incite the imagination. The unmistakable beauty and personality of the city have come to life throughout centuries of history. Today, Sighisoara invites you to discover its medieval mystery and its contemporary charm, on rhythms of drums and flute.

Directed by: Mihai Andrei & Theodora Alexandra Luca
Romanian voice-over: Cristi Dumitrescu
English translation: Alexandra Sandu
German translation: Anda Voineag

We thank the Sighisoara Municipality and Sighisoara History Museum!

Check out our “making of” photos and the cover, credits Thea Luca!




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