Cyprus International Film Festival- First and Second Day

28 10 2010

The first day of the much awaited 5th edition of the Cyprus International Film Festival opened its gates on the 13th of October 2010, at the Pantheon Art Cinema in Nicosia. With a great many spectators, as well as important guests, CYIFF “welcomed us into a sweet collaboration in the arms of the 7th art” (Tony Srour). “For the 5th year in a row we are carrying on our effort to underline the value of the upcoming filmmakers, transmit their ideas and their work, as well as bring together productive initiatives, deriving from different backgrounds”, Petra Terzi CYIFF’s CEO stated.

The Opening Ceremony, held by Petra Terzi and the Polish Ambassador in Cyprus, Paweł Dobrowolski,was followed by the international film premiere “Arcadia Lost” (USA, 2010), directed by Phedon Papamichaeland starring Nick Nolte. The film tells the initiating story of two youngsters into life and death and was shot entirely in Greece, “with a landscape of an unique energy, the Greek lighting actually helping the story to evolve”, as the director himself states.

Petra Terzi and Paweł Dobrowolski

AndemMotionFilms Team, Theodora Alexadra Luca and Mihai Andrei, with the Romanian Ambassador in Cyprus, Andreea Pastarnac

Film projections continued throughout the evening, both with shorts, followed by a Q&A section, and feature, ending with the first coloured Cypriot film from 1974, Hasaboulia tis Kyprou, by Costas Demetriou.

The second day of the Cyprus International Film Festival continued with the “Actor in front of the camera” workshop, in which Thanassis Sarantos brought the young filmmaker participants into the world of acting, not only through role playing, but also through a great many examples of wonderful performances in world-wide renowned films. Most importantly, the preparations began for the scenario and script of the seminar short film, which was  screened on 18 October at Pallas Theatre in Nicosia.

Workshop Team: Al Davidian,  Katherine Kotsireas , Mats Ljungberg

Mihai Andrei, Theodora Alexandra Luca, Thanassis Sarantos, Massimiliano Bulgheroni

(and Daniel D. Griggs who joined us later)

Film projections delighted the audience, present from 17.00 at Pantheon Art Cinema. “The Seven Stages of Antiquity” (Georges Petritsis, Greece) was followed by a section of international short films, where the spectators had the chance to talk with the film directors. Thanassis Sarantos was also present after the screening of his short film “The Glove”.  In the Golden Aphrodite competition spectators could watch “21:3” (Michal Ostatkiewicz, PL) and “The Ambulance” (Goran Radovanovic, RS/GR). The day ended with another two projections of short films.


Petra Terzi and Thanassis Sarantos

Daniel D. Griggs- Film Director





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