5th Cyprus International Film Festival

20 09 2010



Pantheon Art Cinema/ 13-17 October 2010

Pallas Cinema/ 18 October 2010

Under the Auspices of the Municipality of Nicosia

The fifth edition of Cyprus International Film Festival is a fact! The biggest, most anticipated film festival not only in Cyprus but in a wide area with film submissions from 85 countries in 2010, is here again in order to move, encharm, entertain and present the most auspicious film trends to the die-hard cinemagoers and to first- timers in getting to know significant pieces of the Seventh Art. The festival which has accomplished within little time to connect its name to avant-garde cinema – as expressed through the oeuvre of upcoming talented directors- as well as to established, ”classic” aspects  of cinema- as highlighted through the activities of the Jury members-  is here again, in order to challenge us to fearlessly project our dreams on celluloid.

The Festival’s Program

Signed by Tony Srour, Festival’s Art director and also successful entrepreneur and outstanding personality in filmmaking and film producing, this year’s Official Selection is expected to spread enthusiasm its fans.

Anticipated premieres, surprising films, films which are going to change the way we face the world. This year’s edition, will also present to the Cypriot Audience all the latest film productions. Among them there is outstanding Strella, directed by talented Mr. Panos Koutras, and distinguished in major film organizations worldwide. Significantly important are also the films in Competition for Golden Aphrodite. Deriving from different origins, describing entirely different worlds but equally exciting, these seven films competing for the Festival’s grand Prize, stand out as exemplary creative films.

They are promising to surprise us for another time using their provoking, seditious theme and their great artistic value. The documentary dealing with nudity in Greek filmmaking “Naked Cinema” by Vassos Gerogas is among them. They are the films selected for the Panorama section.  A special screening of the legendary, in various levels, film “Hasaboulia of Cyprus” by the acclaimed director and actor Kostas Dimitriou, is one of this year’s program highlights as well as a great honor for the Organization. Another program highlight is considered to be the tribute to the Modern Polish Cinema, as well as the new visions on ancient themes as suggested through the Antiquity section. Short films and animation have once again their own special “route” to the audience’s heart and festival’s screens.

Along with the screenings, an innovative and extremely interesting workshop is going to take place under the title “Actor in front of the camera”, organized and carried out by the distinguished actor and director, Thanassis Sarantos.

A big feast about cinema is going to be held for five days at Pantheon Art Cinema, beginning internationally acclaimed director Phedon Papamichael’s latest film which is going to be screened right after the Opening Ceremony.

Lost in … Arcadia

… found in Cyprus! This is not only to describe the warm, celebrating character which is going to be emitted through the whole city, but also the much awaited premiere of the film Arcadia Lost, by the director and cinematographer Phedon Papamichael. The film will make a proper opening for the festival. Through his directing, the “architect” of the amazing frames shown on the films Knight and Day, Sideways, 3:10 to Yuma, W και The Pursuit of Happiness, transfers us to a congenial yet metaphysical experience between yesterday and today having the unique Nick Nolte to guide us through the splendid landscape of Arcadia, in Peloponnese.

The Awards

One of the main Cyprus International Film Festival’s objectives is to designate and strengthen innovative film expression script wise and form wise. It aims to support young filmmakers who have directed no more than three films by giving them the awards: Golden Aphrodite, film reels, technical services and film making equipment awards. The film and director who win Golden Aphrodite Award are suggested by an International Jury consisting of acclaimed professionals in the film industry.

This year’s Jury Committee consists of the Cypriot actor and director Kostas Dimitriou, the Greek actress and director Alexandra Pavlidou, the songwriter Kostas Kakogiannis, the film producer George Stefanopoulos, and the film critic Alexandros Romanos Lizardos.

Closing Ceremony

A glamorous event which is going to be attended by major personalities, not only from the film industry, is going to take place on October 18th at the Pallas Theatre in Nicosia. All the members of the Jury Committee are going to be present so as to announce the winner of the festival’s big prize, Golden Aphrodite. During the event a special screening of the short film which will be made during the workshop “Actor in front of the camera” organized and carried out by Thanassis Sarantos, is going to take place. Film Club of University Cyprus is going to award the best short and animation films.


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