BuSHO Film Festival Program!

20 08 2010

Don’t miss BUSHO’s 6th Edition, taking place from the 1st to the 5th of September in Budapest!

The festival was established in 2004 by a group of young Hungarian filmmakers in order to fill a gap in the category of short film, but as years passed by it became more and more clear that it was about much more. The name “BuSho” comes from a pun (Budapest Short – budapesti rövid), but it also refers to a traditional popular custom of winter-send-off from Southern Hungary called “busójárás”.

The festival rapidly became an international breakthrough in an exceptionally short period of time, with 360 individual entries from 45 countries in 2007, to 620 individual entries from 61 countries in 2008 and 630 brilliant performances in 2009. Nearby the competition and informational program there are plenty of festival screenings, selections of film universities, feature films, film and all-art workshops in the program.

This years’ edition includes 85 competition selections,  ca. 900’ minutes, divided in the three main categories Fiction– 59, Animation– 15, and Experimental– 10,  from a wide range of countries, mainly Spain, but also Hungary, Mexico, France, Norway, Netherlands, Greece, Germany, Finland, Portugal, UK, Ukraine, Russia, India, Belgium, Croatia, Canada, Cyprus, Estonia, Poland, Italy, China, Sweden, USA, Romania.

There are 98 Panaroma Screenings, as well as a great many surprising events, including concerts, performances and exhibitions.

Busho Film Festival had a free entrance for the public right from the start. There are screenings in 3 halls (competition program, information screenings, festival selections) among the traditional confines and full house of the competition program.

The program is one-of-a-kind Hungary, because this is the only festival in Hungary which screens exclusively short films. The international response is by far greater with the passing of every year, the number of artist and workshops telling their intentions to take part in the event constantly growing. The emphasis is also put on the accompanying programs, too, international Folk, Etno , world music concerts, exhibitions and performances.
Every evening a feature film is screened, with English subtitles.

Don’t miss an unique experience at BuSHO Film Festival, 6th Edition 2010!

Here is the detailed screening plan!

More info you can find on: http://www.busho.hu/ and


Keep in touch as AndemMotionFilms will bring you daily updates and video follow-ups from BuSHO Film Festival!

Busho blog: http://busho.blog.hu/

Busho channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/BuShoFest#g/u




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